How to Get Your Dog Rated

What to do:

  1. DM all photos to our Twitter account (@dog_rates)
  2. Email all videos to (in our bio)
  3. Send as many different photos as possible
  4. Send more whenever you have more
  5. Provide a backstory if necessary 
  6. Turn on photo tagging on Twitter so I can credit you properly
  7. Understand that we cannot possibly respond to every message

What not to do:

  1. Send the same photo twice 
  2. Complain that I haven't rated your dog 47 seconds after sending the photo
  3. Send photos and videos that aren't yours

Quick Tips:

  • The higher the quality of the photos and videos the better
  • Don't be afraid to keep submitting (we see every single message eventually)
  • Dogs in unique situations are much more likely to end up on the page
  • Short videos of dogs being magical are what go viral
  • Uncommon breeds would be refreshing (we feature so many goldens because we're sent so many h*ckin goldens)


That's pretty much it! Basically, don't give up if your dog hasn't been featured. We do our best to make you all happy, but we can't possibly feature all the doggos. Abiding by the steps above and glancing through those tips will exponentially increase your chances. Thank you for all the support in 2016! I hope your 2017 is legendary. 

If you haven't seen our first YouTube video, check it out below!

The Dogs of 2016


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