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Hey guys. I didn't think I'd have to apologize this early for missing a dlog post, but I had so many things going on last week that I wasn't able to sit down and write one. Hopefully I don't miss another for at least a week :)

Once again this post won't have a specific topic. I'll just be using it to pupdate you all on some things. When my life settles down a bit I'll be able to really expand on some requested topics that you guys will enjoy. I'm done with my internship and I'm heading back to North Carolina to start sophomore year on Sunday. Hopefully, going back to school won't affect the amount of posts I'll be able to make. My dog rating business should certainly be a priority over school, right? Exactly. That's what I thought, too. 

We hit 350K followers on Twitter, 40K on Instagram, 30K likes on Facebook, and are still hovering at around 15K views on Snapchat. I point this out because all of these platforms offer a different taste of WeRateDogs. Twitter is obviously our main priority, with 2-5 original ratings going up every day. Facebook will mirror Twitter. An identical post will go up on Facebook at ruffly the same time as Twitter. I have to say, I'm shocked at the enthusiasm on Facebook. It's a whole h*ckin different world over there. Now, Instagram showcases our most popular tweets with about a 3 month delay. "But Matt, you get so many submissions. Why can't you create original content for Facebook and Instagram instead of showing us ones we've seen already." Well Linda, it's because each post takes a lot of time to develop and you all didn't buy enough shirts for me to drop out of school and only rate dogs. Finally, Snapchat is where I have the most fun. If I'm ever sent a picture where there are two dogs, I edit it to make it look like they're talking to each other. You've probably seen some of these on our Twitter and more recently our Facebook page. Unfortunately, I'm rarely sent pictures that I can do this with effectively, so 1-2 posts on Snapchat every week is what you guys can expect.

As far as the store goes, we're unsure of what products to expand to next. We have more designs coming soon and all current designs can easily be placed on different products, but we don't know what products you all would like to buy. Feel free to share in the comments. Some ideas we have are mugs, dog tags, and dog collars, along with offering a women's style of tank, t shirt, and long sleeve, but we can pretty much do whatever you guys want. Let us know!

Ummm what else... oh yea! Now that I'm done with my internship I can focus on collecting images for the book! Yep, a WeRateDogs book will be a thing. If you would like your dog in the book, I'll give you some hints as to how to make that happen. 

  1. They have to be a good quality photos
  2. They have to meet the same cute/funny/crazy standards as the ones I post
  3. I need a lot of them so I may not be as picky

I'd like to end by updating you all on our charity situation. Instead of partnering with a single charity (which turns out to be quite an expensive endeavor in itself) we've decided to select an organization every two weeks that needs our help the most. That being said, the portion of funds we've set aside for charity since August 1st went towards helping pets directly affected by the Louisiana flooding. You can also donate to the Companion Animal Alliance out of Baton Rouge by following this link here. 

That does it for this week on The Doggo Bloggo. Be sure to comment new product ideas and tell me what you'd like to see on here next Friday! Pawdios! (typing that pun physically hurt me)

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  • Ryan on

    Hi there,

    On the like doggo, like pupper design, the paw of the pupper should be smaller you guys should have seen that before plus it’s way cuter. I’d buy that one and I’d also like to see one with the classic line:
    Hold on.
    What’s a pupper?
    a tiny doggo
    What’s a doggo?
    a big ol pupper

    I don’t know if you’d be able to do that, but I would love that.

    regards Ryan

  • Kylie on

    I would recommend looking into the animal rescue Sgt. Pepper’s Friends! I don’t know if you’ve heard of “Yoga Girl” on Instagram, but she’s super instafamous and has used that platform to create, among other things, an animal rescue in Aruba. There would be an advantage of paw-tnerning (sorry, had to) with a rescue that already has an identity on social media and a great chance to grow both of your awesome platforms. Just a suggestion, keep up the good work!

  • Marissa on

    Really want an assortment of your designs offered on coasters!

  • Jules on

    11/10 would buy a travel mug if it said “all hail pipsy” on it

  • Catherine on

    Hoodies and mugs! I’ll definitely get a shirt once there are women’s cut.

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