The Blog After the First Blog - Buzzfeed Edition

Hello again. Since the last time I talked with you all we've gained over 25,000 new followers on the main Twitter account. Over 11,000 on Wednesday alone. I couldn't keep up with all the links and messages.

It all started thanks to a BuzzFeed post that started trending on their site and put my content (and some of your puppers) in front of millions of people. Pieces of that post were then spread all over Reddit and Facebook. The Chive even wrote an entire article about WeRateDogs. So, as a little thank you to Buzzfeed for starting this snowball effect of free press, I'm going to write this blog like a Buzzfeed post.

12 Reasons Dogs Should Be Allowed to Vote and Hold Office 

Note: The pics don't have anything to do with the points I'm trying to make. I just really like them.

1. This election is already a shit show. 

2. Number 1 was my main point, but I can probably come up with some more.

3. I trust my dog more than some republicans.

4. I trust my dog more than some democrats. 

5. They'd raise our average voter turnout as long as we had a treat for after they submitted their ballot.

6. A dog president would've never let Harambe die.

7. Dogs are better than people (and goats) in 529 different ways.

8. Dogs don't see color.

9. I'd go out to vote with a quickness if I knew there'd be dogs there.


10. You could say "who's a good president?" 

11. You just said that in your head using the voice you would use if you actually said it.

12. It would be absolutely h*ckin adorable.


That's enough of that. Once again, huge thanks to BuzzFeed, The Chive, Imgur, and any one that shared the page to millions of new people. I couldn't make these puppers famous by myself.

In other news, we made a Facebook page. I'm not a huge fan of Facebook, so the content will most likely just mirror the content on Twitter, but if you have friends/family that aren't on Twitter and have a Facebook, send 'em our way! We'll be happy to supply some distraction from real life.

As always, shirts, long sleeves, and tanks are available. It was a long week with figuring out some supplier issues, but everything is in place now. All shirts will be 100% cotton for the softest of soft shirts. Also, we're working on getting every shirt and color available in all sizes S-2XL. If you've already ordered, be sure to tweet us a picture as soon as it comes in! Check out the products here.

That's all I've got for this week. I think I'm going to post something new here every Friday. If that's not good enough for you all just yell at me in the comments. Unfortunately, I'm unable to respond in this comment section, but I will read every one.

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  • Jenny Perkins on

    Hi there,

    I checked out your awesome site and thought I would reach out! If you are open to it, I’d love to pitch a guest post.

    Let me know! I’d love to send over a few ideas.

    Kind Regards,
    Jenny Perkins
    Content Coordinator @ HerePup

  • KIm on

    So glad you got the recognition you deserve

  • Alyssa on

    We need these in women’s, not just baggy men’s shape. Help.

  • Dave on

    Sure, delve into politics and insult part of your fan base. Pity.

  • Chazzai on

    I totally said it in my head using the voice I’d use if I’d actually said it.

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