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Hello and Welcome to The Doggo Bloggo! In the next few weeks I'll be attempting to figure out the best way to entertain you all on this platform. I cannot put into words how excited I am to not be limited to 140 characters. Much more room for cringe-worthy puns and absolutely ridiculous insights on our four legged frens. I'll also be using this as a way to further connect with you guys! And no, I already checked, I can't call you guys my pawdience. It's already been taken. But in all seriousness, comment like crazy on these with your opinions on what I say, anything regarding the business/account, and tell me what I should talk about next! I have some ideas but I'm sure you'll have more.

If you haven't already, check out the history of WeRateDogs and see if any of your questions have already been answered by me. In this first post I'm just going to tell you a little bit about myself and why I dedicate an unhealthy amount of time to critiquing dogs on the internet.  

My name is Matt. I'm 19. I go to school at Campbell University in North Carolina. I have a 4 year old golden retriever that I haven't seen in 3 months since I've been on internship just outside of New York City all summer. I'm majoring in Professional Golf Management. I know, it has nothing to do with dogs (kind of unfortunate). I love making people laugh. I love trying to make people laugh. If you've so much as exhaled out of your nose at a dog I've tweeted or a stupid name I called it, then I'm happy (on a scale from 1 to 0). 

I went over this, kind of, on the "About" page, but I didn't really plan on this little pebble of an idea getting throw into a glass of water and shattering it all over the heckin place. I figured a few people would enjoy my systematic objectification of dogs, but 300,000? Downright ridiculous af. I love that I have this audience. I never thought I'd be able to share my thoughts and ideas with this many people. I appreciate it more than you can imagine. Hopefully, one day I can turn making people laugh into a career. And hey, maybe some shirts with silly sayings on them is an okay place to start :)

I was serious when I said to comment. I'll read them all. Tell me what you want me to write about now that I have all this space. Looking forward to how this whole thing goes!

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  • Melodie Martin on

    Can you make a t-shirt saying “I’m pupset” ? or maybe “heckin’ pupset”

  • Jenna on

    Hey you should make clothes for dogs

  • Ellie on

    Please post more to Instagram! I cannot get enough of it! Easily the most entertaining thing ever!

  • Christina on

    Also you’re heckin’ awesome ily

  • Christina on

    Instead of pawdience, how about:
    -bitches (lady dogs n’a mean???)
    -ladies and tramps (bc Disney ayyyyye)

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