That's right! After two months of being closed we hath returnith. For those who are unaware, we initially launched this store on August 1st, but quickly realized that the fulfillment company we were using did not align with our motives. It has taken us quite a while to get everything pupared for a reopening, but we finally did it!

Our store now offers 10 different designs across t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, tanks, and women's shirts. All in a wide variety of colors and sizes. And yes, as you probably already know, we now have Brent apparel. Since that's probably the biggest thing to happen to WeRateDogs since we closed the store, I'll talk about that real quick.

If you're a massive long-time Dog Rates fan, you know that I have fun with individuals who may not be "in the loop" when it comes to what we do here at WeRateDogs. From insisting that a dog is indeed a dog, to reassuring someone that my post was funny, I have stupid amounts of fun responding to people. So when good ole Brant decided to call me out on my rating system, I couldn't resist. I never intended for the back and forth to go viral like it did. I made my responses private so that, unless you were scrolling my page, you wouldn't see them. About an hour after I had finished my argument with Brant about the legitimacy and professionalism associated with our business, some heavenly man decided to screenshot the highlight of Brant and I's conversation. That screenshot now has over 100,000 likes and has appeared on the front page of Reddit 4 times. My silly little back and forth with a guy that I only had because I was bored, has now directly resulted in over 50,000 new followers. 

So yea, hopefully people buy a lot of Brent merch. Another thing we added after the store closed and we weren't sure if and when a reopening was happening, is a Patreon. To sum it up, if you love what we do and want to support it (and also get some nifty af rewards) you can become a patron of WeRateDogs. That along with our store are currently the two ways you can keep Dog Rates ad free. There is absolutely no pressure to contribute to either and NO MATTER WHAT we will never stop doing our best to entertain you.

Other than that guys I don't have much else. Submissions have been incredible lately, so I hope you all are enjoying the more recent posts. Lots of exciting things coming soon!!! As always, leave a comment about literally anything and I'll read it. So will my mom so say hi to my mom if you want. 

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