At WeRateDogs, we are extremely aware of our passionate audience. We also know that without our four legged companions, our business would not be possible. Whether it is a byproduct of that passion or simply because of the size of our audience, we are sent several gofundme links a day. Owners that are desperately reaching out to help their doggo or pupper get the life-saving or life improving surgery they need. 

This business, that started as a simple humor twitter account, has never had a charitable goal in mind. It is not an account that should be tweeting these links everyday or only rating dogs that are up for adoption and how to adopt them. WeRateDogs has a primary goal of making you laugh through its hilarious user-submitted photos and accompanying absurd commentary. That being said, we do recognize the powerful audience we have across our platforms and are choosing to designate one post every week to these individual requests.

Every Friday, starting with the first Friday of 2017, we will post a dog rate with a little twist to it. It will still feature an abbreviated caption and a photo, but right above the photo will be a link to a gofundme that further shares that dog's story and why he or she needs your help. I've tried various methods of posting these links and doing it this way has proved the most effective. The frequency of the posts may change based on if we feel we are accomplishing our goal or not.

I will personally read every single gofundme link I'm sent and use my discretion on whether or not to post it publicly. If we do, we will make every effort to help you hit your desired goal.

The best way to reach us is to email with a little further backstory to go along with your gofundme link. Make sure to put "gofundme" in the subject line so we don't miss it. If you have any questions regarding this method of giving back to our canine companions or any suggestions on how to improve this system please let us know!

Thank you!