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Am I a dog?

No, I'm not a dog. If you feel lied to and have already stopped reading this to go unfollow every social media account we offer... I understand.

Why is it called "WeRateDogs" if there's only one of you?

"IRateDogs" sounds like a bunch of mad dogs.

Where were you when you made the account?

Applebee's. I'm not kidding. And I know what you all are thinking... Finally, something good was made in an Applebee's.

How old are you?

1.9 dog years. I just turned 20.

When did you start the account?

November 15, 2015. We're coming up on a full year as the #1 source for numerically objectifying dogs.

Blog? You mean content from you more than 140 characters?

Yes! I'm so excited to have a platform where I have the privilege to write some longer dog-related stuff for you all! Hope to be posting weekly :) 

What's the highest rating ever given to a doggo/pupper?

There have officially been 7 14/10s. I made a Twitter moment of all of them for your convenience! Check it out here!

How do you respond to the plethora of claims that your ratings have inflated since the account's inception back in November?

The short response is... the dogs are aware of my account and are consciously breeding for qualities that typically receive higher ratings. Also I'm sent a lot more dogs than I once was. Standards were raised.

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