10 Pups Who Are Just as Excited for Spring as You Are

Today is officially the first day of Spring, and we've identified 10 flowery fellas to help usher in the (hopefully) warmer (but not too warm, please) weather. 
This is Maisie. We can't tell if she's excited about Spring, or just excited about possibly eating this flower. Either way, her enthusiasm is contagious. 12/10
This is Weller. He picked this flower for you. Hopes it's your favorite color. 12/10 you better cherish it forever
This is Gracie. She picked THIS flower for you. Knows it's better than Weller's but would appreciate you not telling him she thinks that because she can't take on much drama right now. 13/10
This is Finn. He felt cute so he took some selfies. This one was his favorite and he expects you to agree. 14/10 we're sure they were all perfect Finn
This is also Finn. Someone once told him to stop and smell the flowers. Now he never skips a day. 13/10
This is Nessa. She was wondering if maybe you could help her pick a flower. Any of the grey ones behind her will do. 13/10  
This is Rudder. Sunflowers are his favorite. Didn’t realize they are almost bigger than him but he’s managing. 12/10 
This is Bassie. She accepts her role as flower queen, ultimate goddess of yard happenings. 14/10
Really guys? We only rate dogs. This is a Fluffy Flower Mouse. One of the largest we’ve ever seen. Not sure how she snuck into our article. Please send in dogs only. Thank you… 13/10
This is Tahlulabelle. She picked a flower for you but can't remember where she put it. Swears it's around here somewhere. 14/10

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