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How to Get Your Dog Rated

What to do: DM all photos to our Twitter account (@dog_rates) Email all videos to (in our bio) Send as many different photos as possible Send more whenever you have more Provide a backstory if necessary  Turn on photo tagging on Twitter so I can credit you properly Understand that we cannot possibly respond to every message What not to do: Send the same photo twice  Complain that I haven't rated your dog 47 seconds after sending the photo Send photos and videos that aren't yours Quick Tips: The higher the quality of the photos and videos the better Don't be...

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That's right! After two months of being closed we hath returnith. For those who are unaware, we initially launched this store on August 1st, but quickly realized that the fulfillment company we were using did not align with our motives. It has taken us quite a while to get everything pupared for a reopening, but we finally did it! Our store now offers 10 different designs across t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, tanks, and women's shirts. All in a wide variety of colors and sizes. And yes, as you probably already know, we now have Brent apparel. Since that's probably the...

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PUPDATES - Book, New Products, What to Expect

Hey guys. I didn't think I'd have to apologize this early for missing a dlog post, but I had so many things going on last week that I wasn't able to sit down and write one. Hopefully I don't miss another for at least a week :) Once again this post won't have a specific topic. I'll just be using it to pupdate you all on some things. When my life settles down a bit I'll be able to really expand on some requested topics that you guys will enjoy. I'm done with my internship and I'm heading back to North Carolina to start...

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The Blog After the First Blog - Buzzfeed Edition

Hello again. Since the last time I talked with you all we've gained over 25,000 new followers on the main Twitter account. Over 11,000 on Wednesday alone. I couldn't keep up with all the links and messages. It all started thanks to a BuzzFeed post that started trending on their site and put my content (and some of your puppers) in front of millions of people. Pieces of that post were then spread all over Reddit and Facebook. The Chive even wrote an entire article about WeRateDogs. So, as a little thank you to Buzzfeed for starting this snowball effect of free press,...

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Intro to The Doggo Bloggo

Hello and Welcome to The Doggo Bloggo! In the next few weeks I'll be attempting to figure out the best way to entertain you all on this platform. I cannot put into words how excited I am to not be limited to 140 characters. Much more room for cringe-worthy puns and absolutely ridiculous insights on our four legged frens. I'll also be using this as a way to further connect with you guys! And no, I already checked, I can't call you guys my pawdience. It's already been taken. But in all seriousness, comment like crazy on these with your opinions on what I say,...

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