16 Small Dog Businesses to Support This Month

May is Small Business Month and we asked our followers to submit their own dog-related small businesses. We’ve narrowed it down to 16 of our favorites. Please consider showing them support and love with your wallet or on social media!

Shelter Pawz

Plushies based on real, mixed-breed shelter dogs that were once looking for a home. They arrive in little kennels to accurately reflect the adoption process. They even come with a Certificate of Adoption and a space to name your dog. The founder believes the more kids are able to interact with shelter dogs, even in plushie form, the more likely they'll be able to make a difference in the lives of pets in need as they grow up.


Matching hoodies for you and your dog! Based in Australia and all the fabrics are sourced locally and the designs are handmade by talented machinists across Melbourne. In case you ever wanted to match your dog in the most stylish way imaginable. Inclusive of all sizes, breeds, and number of limbs.

Wags & Wine

A subscription box service that combines wine and dog treats in a single box delivered at whatever frequency you desire. They are devoted to delivering quality products for both human and dog, by vigorously researching and hand selecting all wine and dog products for their boxes. Our market research suggests this is kind of perfect for our audience.


A rubber tool that prevents your dog from accidentally swallowing their favorite treat whole. Bully sticks are the most popular dog treat, but they are also the most dangerous. Inspired by her own dog, who needed expensive surgery to get the treat removed from their intestines, this founder never wanted that to happen again, to anyone’s dog.

Veterinary Ambulance of So. California

Albert Sanchez began transporting dogs in need in 2021. He's a veterinary technician with over 30 years of experience. He does emergent, urgent, and general transport for dogs in a wide variety of situations. Sometimes his patients are too big for their owners to handle, sometimes their humans are elderly and unable to drive them, sometimes they need oxygen support. The situations vary, but Albert always gets them where they need to be. Currently serving Southern California.

Grey Whiskers Sr. Dog Grooming

Angela Dinsmoor worked in the pet care industry for 20 years, and observed that families with senior dogs were struggling with options to get them comfortably groomed, so she started making house call. The benefits of in home grooming are significant. No car ride, the dog's vital signs can be monitored during, they can sit or lie down wherever they like, their humans can spectate the whole process and help keep them comfortable, and the home is familiar to the dog. Senior dogs, sick dogs, and reactive dogs deserve the dignity of clipped nails and a shiny coat. Currently serving Denver & Boulder.

Wags Down The Aisle

They bring your dog to your wedding and handle every aspect of their attendance. From transportation to treat management to picture taking, they've got you covered. For many couples, their dogs have joined them on their relationship journey from the beginning. They probably feel somewhat responsible for getting you to your big day, so include them in the celebration! Currently serving Washington State.

Strange Tails

Handmade dog products that are stylish, ultra functional, and entirely customizable. They're known for their handsfree adapter which converts regular leashes into a waist or shoulder leash.

Juno Dog Co.

On the go products for dogs and their people. Juno also creates products that celebrate the milestones in your dog’s life, like "my first ball" 🥹 and showcase their unique personalities through zodiac tags. They believe there’s no such thing as an ordinary dog.

Paw Town

Handmade bow ties for dogs! They have a massive variety of designs, all styled by Mugsy, the shop manager. Inspired by the human's previous dog, a massive great dane who wore bow ties to look more friendly and approachable.

Quirky Kin Co

Craft coffee that exists to celebrate your shamelessly inseparable connection with your dog. Premium coffee beans that can be shipped all around the US. Every order includes a dog treat.


The world's first multifunctional adventure dog bed. It has 14+ travel features and is perfect for making sure your dog is comfortable going wherever you go. It is truly the dog bed, reinvented.

Bosly's Backyard

A one-of-a-kind indoor dog play space in Chicago designed to promote physical and cognitive development. Perfect for introverted dogs who appreciate their own space. They offer a variety of services:

  • Solo play sessions
  • Social play groups
  • Training classes
  • Special events
  • Fundraisers
  • Birthday party rentals

Heather's Heroes

An education platform for owner and trainers. Heather hopes to see human-canine relationships transform from confusion to respect and understanding. Their most popular training tool, The Sidekick, is a 2-in-1 collar and leash used to calm anxiety. They offer free and discounted training for shelters, rescues, and service organizations.


A smart scale that fits under your dog's bed. It comes with an app that helps pet parents maintain their pup's healthy weight. It can prevent obesity or spot gradual weight loss quickly.

Zoomies Mobile Dog Gym

They travel to their clients and use a non-motorized slatmill that the dog is in complete control of. They can start or stop whenever they'd like. Helps with:

  • Confidence building
  • Mental stimulation
  • Weight loss
  • Stress
  • Anxiety